In an episode of the excellent History Channel documentary series The Men Who Built America, the filmmakers cover The War of the Currents. This epic battle began sometime in the late 1880s and involved two titans of tech from that era, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.

In short, Edison desired that the American energy grid run on direct current (DC). Tesla thought alternating current (AC) was a better alternative. Eventually, the lower cost of AC power won out, but we still enjoy the benefits of both AC and DC power usage. For instance, the brick that exists as part of every computer power cable is an AC to DC converter.

So what does this battle from long ago have to do with cloud-based virtual test environments?

Is There a Better Way to Test Than Immediate Cloud Migration?

More than one hundred years ago, two well-known, respected and brilliant inventors significantly differed on how best to solve a demanding and important issue. Today, developers face a similar dilemma: should we only test in the cloud, or should we consider an alternative and transitional solution that may better fit our needs?

It would seem that many companies today are migrating to the cloud, but is it the right path for your company right now? Nearly every company desires to migrate their programs and systems to the cloud, but confusion often clouds their choices. Unfortunately, many companies fall into the trap of “going to the cloud” just because their competitors are.

But not every company should migrate to the cloud. For some companies, testing in the cloud isn’t a possibility, either due to strict security regulations or the need to keep legacy systems running smoothly. Dozens of other variables may prevent companies from fully migrating to the cloud too. Even when those issues aren’t present, all companies ought to give careful consideration as to whether or not they truly need to move their test environment onto a fully cloud-based platform.

The AC to Today’s Test Environment DC

Kubisys offers an alternative test environment that bridges the gap between physical test servers and virtual environments. With the integrated hardware and software Kubisys appliance, users can create on-demand, production-accurate test environments of both physical and virtual servers.

Because the appliance is an on-premise device, security is assured. Because the Kubisys Platform mirrors actual production servers, legacy systems can be tested without interrupting day-to-day business. And because the Platform can spin up customized virtual test environments within minutes consisting of both physical and virtual servers, users can rest assured that configuration drift won’t occur and that all necessary applications and systems have been fully tested before being deployed into production.

While Kubisys may be more AC than DC in that our Platform offers a safer path toward the future, the Kubisys Platform has much in common with Tesla too. According to “AC/DC: The Tesla–Edison Feud,”

“Edison relied heavily on tedious experimentation for most of his discoveries, a commitment which some historians attribute partially to his lack of formal education. Tesla, in contrast, was an emotionally driven dreamer with years of engineering training, which allowed him to work out theories before physically implementing them.”

After all, “working out theories before physically implementing them” is essentially what the Kubisys Platform allows any IT employee to accomplish.

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