Primary Use Cases

At its core, the Kubisys Platform provides on-demand test environments based on production, removing the possibility of configuration drift, de-risking implementation into production, and saving companies substantial amounts in time, money and human resources.

Dev/Test Environments

Developers often request a development sandbox, or a small subset of servers, to test radical code changes or implement new features. However, an organization often has a limited number of environments. With Kubisys, you have the ability to replicate an existing golden image template or to create a development environment based on production. Kubisys development environments typically contain 7-8 servers, including web servers, application servers and sql databases.

Infrastructure Environments

Operations team members must often test or implement changes during maintenance windows by scheduling downtime hours on weekends. With the Kubisys Platform, Ops teams can now create accurate test environments for specific infrastructure-related use cases during business hours as our Platform does not affect production or day-to-day business operations.

QA Environments

QA environments include large sets of production data and servers so QA testers can integrate and merge code from multiple developers. The Kubisys Platform replicates the entire production application environment to accurately test code. The environments consist of over 20 servers and may include the work of over 50 individuals. The Kubisys Platform can easily handle creating such a resource-intensive QA environment.

Staging Environments

Using a Staging or UAT environment is known as last-mile staging. In most organizations, these environments mirror production servers and are typically larger than QA environments. The goal of a Staging environment is to ensure that any application change or update will not break actual production. The Kubisys Platform allows organization to replicate their entire set of production servers—up to 40 instances running concurrently.

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