What is the Kubisys Platform?

The Kubisys Platform is a software solution that automates the process of creating Production-accurate test environments. Each Kubisys Test Environment (KTE) mirrors exact Production configurations (MAC, IP, etc.) and replicates any Windows server including Active Directory or SQL Clusters. Each KTE is isolated from Production, so that changes made within them do not impact business operations.

Watch a Kubisys Platform Presentation

Our Senior Vice President of Sales, Jeff Martinik, recently presented the Kubisys Platform to attendees of the MMCIO Forum. In this presentation, Jeff walks you through the pain points Kubisys solves, the solution itself and several use cases. The video is an accurate representation of an introductory WebEx meeting we provide.

How do our customer use the Kubisys Platform?

The Kubisys Platform is a swiss army knife for developers and operations members. The solution can be used in wide variety of ways from upgrading applications to patching servers. In this particular case, Sam Basirmand has been using the Kubisys Platform to upgrade PC Mall’s ERP system to Dynamics AX 2012. Watch the video to learn how Sam implemented the solution into his organization.

How do our partners use the Kubisys Platform?

The Kubisys Platform not only supports large and mid-size enterprises, but also ISVs, VARs, System Integrators and MSPs. In this video, Clear Process Solutions, the Winshuttle Partner of the Year, uses the Kubisys Platform to test Winshuttle and Active Directory. Their typical customer environments often include Winshuttle, SAP, SharePoint, and Active Directory.

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