How It Works

The Kubisys Platform provides a 3-step workflow to create production-accurate test environments.


The Kubisys Platform gathers and catalogues server metadata from LDAP and Windows Management Instrumentation, including memory, CPU, disk volumes, network interfaces, disks, volumes and configurations.


Servers are selected and defined by the user to create point-in-time snapshots within the appliance. The Kubisys Platform then configures a virtual firewall to secure the environments from production, effectively creating fully functional test environments within an on-premise private test cloud.


Through a self-service web-based portal, users can now manage and use the environments for development, operations or quality assurance purposes. Users can access the Kubisys Test Environments through RDP or console.

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Kubisys’ unique value proposition includes many innovative features.

Thin and Thick Capture

The Kubisys Platform utilizes two proprietary methods to create test environments:

Thin Capture – A patented feature that creates test environments without transferring the underlying data, allowing operations team members to perform hot fixes and patches within minutes.

Thick Capture – Our most popular feature that stores the underlying data within the Kubisys appliance, perfectly complimenting long-term development projects such as upgrades, migrations, testing, or integrations.

Network EndPoints

Kubisys Test Environments (KTE) have the ability to support external data streams such as cloud technologies, extending the functionality of a modern test environment

Port Forwarding

The Kubisys Platform allows users to connect to their test environments remotely through remote desktop protocol.

SQL Clusters

The Kubisys Platform replicates server clusters such as SQL, preserving complex interdependencies found within production.

Physical and/or Virtual Servers

The Kubisys Platform replicates physical (P2V) and/or virtual (V2V) servers using a combination of server and storage virtualization technologies.

Isolated and Secure

The Kubisys Platform uses a virtual firewall to encapsulate Kubisys Test Environments (KTE) into isolated network bubbles stored within the appliance.


The Kubisys Test Environments (KTE) are stored within the Kubisys appliance located in the your datacenter, ensuring that data remains safe and intact.

Fully Automated

The process of creating a test environment is fully automated, eliminating configuration drift and manual errors.


The Kubisys Platform replicates the production application environment without installing agents or changing the code.

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