Despite cloud computing resources like Azure and Amazon Web Services, developers still often complain about not having enough test environments. According to our VP of Business Development Soumen Chowdhury, there’s a “scarcity of having available compute resources” that developers and organizations have been trying to manage for quite some time.

Even worse than the lack of ample computing resources is an involuntary reliance on outdated templates within development environments. Whether it’s one month, three months, or even older, developers typically have to use older templates and try to make the best of their development time, essentially hoping that their coding for an older template will still work on the newest software versions. It becomes a frustrating game of “wait and see.”

Furthermore, code merges can introduce errors in production that weren’t caught during development. Although using cloud resources provides for faster development, it also allows for problems because older templates are often used, which results in a maddening cycle of develop, test, re-develop. Though development may be happening faster because of the benefits of cloud computing, that saved time is often halved because of the amount of rework that ultimately has to be done.

Kubisys is Fast, but We’re Also …

The Kubisys Platform provides the answer to that problem. What always gets lost in the cloud for developers is accuracy.

As Chowdhury states,

As a developer, I get the speed that the cloud delivers because it’s being created in the private cloud within the Kubisys environment, but then I get the accuracy which is not available in the cloud, or even in internal virtualized solutions that still rely on these templates … Now you no longer have to worry about doing a lot of rework because the environment was not right.

Even more enticing to developers is that the Kubisys Platform can integrate with existing production systems. Not only can developers quickly create accurate representations of their applications, but they can also leverage production data sets to validate that their systems are functional in the first place.

Kubisys and the Hybrid Cloud

Lastly, we’re excited about discussing our hybrid cloud capability. We understand that many businesses are interested in migrating to the cloud, but they still have reservations about how to integrate their on-premise legacy systems.

In those instances, the Kubisys Platform allows developers to create a secure tunnel that connects their legacy system with a cloud-based system in order to test the interaction between the two. Our platform provides a fast, accurate, and fail-safe method to replicate production without harming day-to-day business.

A test environment that offers such cloud-based connections is unique to Kubisys. We’ve witnessed first-hand how it has assisted companies with their development needs. As a result, the Kubisys Platform is a viable alternative to cloud-based lab solutions.

To learn about our real-world solutions, read our Kubisys Case Studies.

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