DevOps, as the name suggests, bridges the gap between Development and Operations to increase collaboration, communication and overall efficiency in the development, testing, and deployment of enterprise-level software by IT teams guided by agile development methodologies.

But if you’re reading this blog, you likely know that already. What you may not know is that the Kubisys Platform is a bona-fide “Cool” DevOps tool.

In 2013, Gartner Inc. named Kubisys as a “Cool Vendor” within its DevOps category, citing our Thin Capture technology as a way for “IT organizations to adopt DevOps by providing key automation that enables them to make changes to their production environment safely and quickly.”

With our appliance, Operations can rally behind its safety while Development can get behind its quickness. In other words, innovation doesn’t have to be sacrificed for stability or vice-versa. DevOps truly comes together within our integrated hardware and software solution.

How Does the Kubisys Platform Integrate into a DevOps approach?

Within a matter of minutes, the Kubisys Platform can take an accurate, customized snapshot of your production environment, including configuration settings and live data. Because our Platform allows users to quickly provision precise test environments for Windows-based applications and systems, neither Development nor Operations have to wait on each other to get work done. Agile development becomes more than just a buzzword or company aspiration—it becomes your way of doing better business.

You may be familiar with the bucket and hose analogy. As organizations grow, the “buckets” of work that have to be seen by multiple employees get passed from one worker to the next. For a time, this process works, but as the company scales up or customer demand grows, this process becomes laborious and time-intensive.

To keep up with the pace of change often required of today’s growing companies, these buckets must be replaced with a hose. The hose keeps tasks and information flowing. But many organizations don’t have such a hose, so they try to build one themselves or cobble something together based on what their competitors may be doing.

The Kubisys Platform is that hose. Our automated test environment infrastructure can make DevOps a reality for your company. Our Platform will allow you to quickly provision production-accurate test environments. Plus, since what you test is what you get on production, downtime becomes a forgotten risk. And due to our Platform’s ability to mirror configuration data, configuration drift likewise becomes a non-issue.

To learn more about our bona fide “Cool Tool” for DevOps, schedule a demo today.

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