After learning of the many Kubisys Platform benefits by visiting our website or speaking with  one of our knowledgeable sales reps, an interested company typically asks for a demonstration of how our Platform would work in their environment and help achieve their specific business goals. Such a proof-of-concept quickly reveals whether our pitch lives up to our product.

A global retail company contacted us after experiencing order fulfillment problems resulting in decreased customer satisfaction and lost revenue. However, the company knew that if they couldn’t fix the issues quickly, they could stand to lose more customers and revenue or suffer downtime. And as an online retail business, their bottom line could be hit hard by any amount of downtime.


Testing a SAP ERP Upgrade on the Kubisys Platform

To help, we conducted an on-site proof-of-concept. Using our integrated hardware and software device, the Kubisys Platform would allow this company to test the upgrade of their SAP ERP system. As the backbone of their operations, this ERP system was integral to everything the company conducted online, from adding items to an online shopping cart to processing credit card transactions. A failed upgrade on such a complex system could mean even more problems. In fact, that’s one of the reasons the company had put off upgrading the system for so long.

The company’s SAP ERP environment consisted of three Active Directory domain controllers, two application-specific SAP servers, and two SQL two-node clusters. Within fifteen minutes, the Kubisys Platform accurately replicated the entire environment. This new test environment, firewalled from production, allowed multiple teams to conduct their own tests at the same time. And unlike some other traditional test environment tools, the Kubisys Platform captured both virtual and physical servers, as well as the IP/MAC addresses of each server.


Kubisys Platform Benefits in SAP ERP Tests

Within the Kubisys Test Environment (KTE), the company was able to test every SAP ERP issue that had been plaguing their site, from their live chat feature to why certain order processes were failing. They also realized they could use KTEs to create training environments for their IT employees to conduct further tests on their ERP system without harming production, thus increasing their IT staff’s confidence when deploying future upgrades and patches.

Had the company chosen to use a traditional test environment method such as using Virtual Machines, the process would have likely required days, if not weeks. To complicate matters, this process often introduces configuration drift into the workflow such that the test environment ultimately fails to accurately represent production, resulting in unintended errors introduced into production. For a system as integral to a business as SAP ERP, this simply can’t happen. With the Kubisys Platform, configuration drift is no longer a worry.

Due to the Kubisys Platform’s speed and accuracy, the company also realized that our Platform would allow them to conduct bi-weekly agile sprints so that well-tested development could continue on their SAP ERP system.
Ultimately, the company witnessed how our Platform could help them increase both customer satisfaction and revenue. If your company could likewise benefit, contact us to arrange a Kubisys Platform presentation today.

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