Pitt Ohio, a leading transportation solutions provider, is constantly expanding their technology offerings. To support such ambition, the company seeks innovative solutions that improve their existing processes, consolidate infrastructure, and maximize existing resources. The Kubisys Platform and its ability to create production-accurate test environments fit the bill.

Since the initial Proof-of-Concept, the IT team has begun using the Kubisys Platform to test a number of business-critical applications. From parcel to safety to messaging, database archiving, and core application upgrades, this company has found multiple use cases where Kubisys’s virtually created test environments are saving them time and money.

Their broadest use case of the Kubisys Platform centers on testing code upgrades in partnership with a subsidiary. Greg Forsyth is Systems Engineer in charge of the project thin captured the application needing to be upgraded, as well as the subsidiary’s Citrix environment and six workstations. In all, this Kubisys Test Environment (KTE) consisted of thirteen servers and those six workstations. The upgrade required two application update scripts to run as well as SQL scripts to power the updates.

While testing the master upgrade script on the Kubisys Platform, the 3rd party vendor and Pitt Ohio’s database team discovered constraint issues. An application specialist was able to work with the team to overcome those constraints. Pitt Ohio was then able to successfully run the upgrade scripts for the application within the Kubisys Test Environment. Application users from the subsidiary company are now able to access KTE’s on their own in order to further the test the application before it’s launched onto the company’s production servers.

According to Greg, this use case revealed two company needs:

  1. An internal process to request a Kubisys bubble (a.k.a. a Kubisys Test Environment), and
  2. The need to have multiple workstations ready to be brought into a KTE.

Pitt Ohio has also used the Kubisys Platform to test changes on a safety product and two archival systems. They also plan to incorporate the Kubisys Platform into testing their monthly Windows Update needs and to help manage Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). With the release of Version 4.0, the Pitt Ohio IT Team expects to expand their use cases even more.

To learn more, contact us today at sales@kubisys.com to schedule a demo. See how the Kubisys Platform can be applied to your company’s specific test environment needs.

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