Collaborating with Kubisys is literally rewarding. At the Spring 2015 Midmarket CIO Forum hosted by Boardroom Events, Mesilla Valley Transportation’s Director of Information Technology Mike Kelley won the Award of Excellence for his partnership with Kubisys.

This award “showcases exceptional technology implementations and the financial benefits they deliver to midsize organizations.” In a “competitive field of finalists,” a panel of CIOs chose Kelley because of his keen insight into the needs of his company and his choice to trust our Platform for a critical upgrade.


As Kelley said after winning the award:

My role—and that of my peer IT executives—requires that I think as much about business solutions as I do about technology solutions. In Kubisys, I have found a partner that understands how to help me and my team implement the technology tools and systems that will support the health and success of the business overall. This unique perspective is shared by so many of the IT executives and solution providers I meet at the Midmarket CIO Forum, and I am grateful to Boardroom Events for this honor and for the chance to build powerful business relationships at the forum.


The case study submitted to the Midmarket CIO Forum concerned MVT’s need to upgrade an integral content management system. If the upgrade failed, the company would stand to lose around $2 million due to at least two to three days of downtime. As a trucking company responsible for 24/7 deliveries throughout the continental U.S., as well as to Canada and Mexico, downtime isn’t an option—whether that’s because of a failed server or an overheated engine.

MVT used the Kubisys Platform to quickly and accurately mirror their production environment, which allowed them to test this critical upgrade without affecting their production environment. When they upgraded the system on live production, Kelley said it went “flawlessly.”

After that initial (and pressure-packed) use case, Kelley said, “The ability to [test] for us was the true proof of concept. It was a real win.”

Little did Kelley know then that his words would come true just a few months later as he became the winner of the 2015 Midmarket CIO Forum’s Award of Excellence.

Kubisys is proud of the work our clients do, and we celebrate with Kelley and his team at MVT for their much-deserved award. This partnership has surely been a win-win for both companies.

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