“We’ve already invested in virtualization software. Why should we consider Kubisys to create test environments?”

That’s a question we often hear, and we understand why. Your company may have already heavily invested in a certain virtualization solution. Or your IT department may feel locked into a certain platform. Even if it doesn’t work as quickly or as accurately as they need it to, they put up with it because that’s “just the way it’s always been done.”

But when has maintaining the status quo ever led to significant business growth?

The Kubisys Platform, a hardware and software solution that creates on-demand test environments for Windows applications, is an orchestration solution unlike any other.

Imagine if you didn’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time, money and human resources on provisioning, defining, allocating, planning, approving, creating, changing, updating, capturing, networking, testing, re-testing, re-creating, maintaining and de-provisioning your virtualized test environments.

The Kubisys Platform automates those processes through a self-service portal hosted on a Kubisys appliance. In other words, one trained IT person can create his or her own customized, production-accurate test environment within a matter of minutes. Capturing clustered servers, as well as both physical and virtual servers, is just as quick, and de-provisioning is a snap.

  • No more absurdly long test windows required.
  • No more waiting for approval.
  • No need to purchase more storage or compute capacity.

Even better, no more manual changes are required after cloning because the Kubisys Platform uses actual production networking data while automatically firewalling the test environment from production. This significantly decreases the opportunity for user errors to be introduced into either the test or production environments.

Unlike other solutions, the Kubisys Platform can also capture multi-tier applications and control/authentication tiers (Active Directory, DNS) at the click of a button.

Ultimately, our Platform offers a faster, more streamlined, easier-to-use, cost-effective and more accurate way to create virtualized test environments.

Once you try the Kubisys Platform, you may just realize, “This is the way it always should have been done.”

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