For all of its perceived benefits, virtual machine sprawl is a necessary evil for IT departments in need of multiple test environments.

Companies like VMWare, Oracle, Citrix and Microsoft offer virtualization software like Hyper-V, OracleVM, Virtualbox and ESX Servers. These are hardware-based solutions that allow for the rapid provisioning of multiple virtual servers. Because these VMs are relatively easy to spin up, IT departments persistently in need of test environments typically have few qualms about creating yet one more VM test environment.

But with this one benefit comes multiple, major drawbacks that all happen because of VM sprawl:

  • Increased server maintenance
  • More backups (which require more server space)
  • Oversight to ensure persistent uptime and availability
  • Compliance headaches
  • Potential security holes
  • Possible data and IP leakage
  • Time-consuming and labor-intensive to provision and/or take down

Furthermore, since these VM test environments typically require a significant investment of time and money, IT management is often reluctant to take down their virtual machine environments, even when a particular VM environment is no longer as necessary as it once was. They simply don’t want to endure such a headache again. In fact, VM sprawl management tools have been created to address this problem, but these tools only help alleviate pain—they don’t cure the problem.

Ultimately, these troublesome issues make virtual machine test environment solutions less cost-effective over time. But for the longest time, these VM test environments were the only solution.

Until now.

The Kubisys Platform Ends VM Sprawl

VM sprawl tends to occur because developers, operations team members and QA testers all need their own environments in which to test. Consequently, a number of test environments are likely to be requested by each IT professional. But as you’ve read, more VMs lead to more problems, not more solutions.

Our Platform solves the problem of VM sprawl at its core by allowing end users to rapidly create production-accurate test environments on their own in just fifteen minutes through our patented Thin Capture process.

Because of our Platform’s ability to rapidly create test environments, IT departments no longer need to maintain multiple VM test environments. In other words, if an accurate copy of production can be created so quickly, maintenance isn’t necessary.

IT managers don’t have to keep outdated VM test environments “just in case” such an environment is needed in the future. On the Kubisys Platform, they can simply call up a new one on an as-needed basis. Even better, they can allow their employees to spin up new test environments on-demand that are customized to their own needs.

Companies don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of time, money or professional resources in order to build new test environments either. As our business use cases prove, companies who use our Platform earn a significant return on their investments because of the notable difference between their total VM costs and the cost of the Kubisys Platform.

By simplifying and reducing your test environment needs into one hardware and software solution—the Kubisys Platform—we can help you end the “necessary” evil of VM sprawl.

To learn more about the Thin Capture process, review the features of the Kubisys Platform.

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