In Damon Edwards’ helpful article What is DevOps?, he discusses the “Wall of Confusion” that often exists between development and operations:

Nowhere is the Wall of Confusion more obvious than when it comes time for application changes to be pushed from development [to] operations. Some organizations will call it a ‘release,’ some call it a ‘deployment,’ but one thing they can all agree on is that trouble is likely to ensue (emphasis added).

The Kubisys Platform breaks down that wall and ensures trouble is not going to ensue. As an agile development test environment, our hardware and software solution allows developers, operations teams members, and QA testers to spin up their own customized, production-accurate test environments on demand.

In other words, when changes are ready to be pushed to a live production environment, users of the Kubisys Platform will know without a doubt what to expect when those changes are made.

Even better, our Platform accelerates your build, test and deployment time. Traditionally, Virtual Machine cloning and similar test environment creation processes have taken days to setup and configure. In using our Platform, test environments can be created within hours.

Through snapshot technology, the Kubisys Platform quickly captures both virtual and physical production environments for agile development testing of Windows-based programs and systems. Snapshots are saved onto the Kubisys Platform, and configurations are then provided to the drivers via layered cache. Next, Virtual Machines on our appliance are provisioned and connected to a virtual switch. A built-in firewall also ensures that your information is secure and that production data remains unharmed during testing.

This increase in speed doesn’t make security suffer either. In Alan Zeichick’s “4 steps to make DevOps safe, secure, and reliable,” he writes of using a solution much like the Kubisys Platform:

While it may seem that security policies must slow down DevOps, the truth is that security doesn’t need to have a negative impact, especially if developers and DevOps avoid unnecessary changes to connectivity requirements so as to avoid triggering unnecessary security reviews – and if DevOps puts in the right test infrastructure and network rules to automate security testing and policy changes for those situations where connectivity changes are required (emphasis added).

Because of its accuracy, speed-to-build, security and ease of use compared to traditional test environment processes, the Kubisys Platform has proved its worth to more than thirty customers. IT staffs and companies keen on making agile development a cornerstone of their business methods would do well to consider how Kubisys can help them become even more agile.

Making Agile Development Methods Even More Nimble

Edwards also wrote, “If you can make DevOps work, you are removing barriers that are both a significant time-sink and a source of morale-killing frustration. It’s a simple calculation to make: invest in making DevOps a reality and we all should be more efficient, increasingly nimble, and less frustrated.”

DevOps-oriented companies know that an investment of time and money often has to be made for such a wide-ranging and transformative methodology change. But what’s invested on the front end earns a return on the back end.

At Kubisys, we pride ourselves on offering an enterprise-level test environment solution to midsize businesses. Many of our clients—from private and public companies to law firms and nonprofits—may have assumed that our unique hardware and software solution was beyond their financial reach. However, after experiencing a free demo and subsequent proof-of-concept use case, a vast majority have realized the significant benefits of adding the Kubisys Platform to their development workflows.

Is the Kubisys Platform Right for Your DevOps Team?

Lastly, Edwards also related, “Agile development methodologies are designed to keep software development efforts aligned with customer/company goals and produce high quality software despite changing requirements.”

He succinctly states our goals for every one of our clients: achieving stability in the face of change for the company’s ultimate benefit. Agile development methodology demands better alignment between development and operations, and we’re confident that the Kubisys Platform can help those teams break down any walls that may have once separated them.

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