After using the Kubisys Platform to successfully test the upgrade of a critical content management system, Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT) saw how Kubisys could help them in a number of other ways.

How Kubisys Enables Better SharePoint Maintenance

Sergio Pacheco, MVT’s Database Administrator, said that a former Database Admin used Kubisys on a daily basis. “She would bring up Kubisys, make the changes in SharePoint that she needed to make, test it, and then when it worked, she would go and do it for real.”

Because Kubisys provides an accurate and fail-safe method for replicating production environments to test Windows applications like SharePoint, MVT saved itself from possible downtime due to errors that may have been involuntarily introduced into their SharePoint production environment.

Now, MVT’s IT department plans to use Kubisys in the near future to test their upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.

How Kubisys Simplifies the Complexity of Database Migration

Twice, MVT has migrated databases for TimeClock, their employee time-tracking system. That system resided on eight servers. Testing such a complex migration could have meant days wasted just to set up a proper environment. Even then, the test environment would have only approximated production. It would not have been an accurate replication, as Kubisys provides.

During those migrations, MVT also appreciated the Kubisys Platform’s unique ability to replicate client-side servers and workstations.

How Kubisys Prevents Corrupt SQL Migrations

MVT will also use Kubisys to test SQL migrations for one of their more important application databases, Numara Footprints, a help-desk system. Numara Footprints resides on an Enterprise SQL Server that also hosts five other business-critical environments. Consequently, MVT needs to be able to test how one SQL migration might affect the entire server. Because virtual environments can’t accurately replicate entire live servers, a developer is blind to the server-wide ramifications that one database migration may have on other databases on the same server.

As MVT’s Director of Information Mike Kelley said in regard to their previous SQL migration tests, “We would have only brought in one database—the database for the application or the environment that we’re dealing with—not all of them, which the Kubisys environment does, because it brings in that whole server.”

Since they can test SQL migrations through the Kubisys Platform, MVT trusts themselves to make error-free migrations. They’re now planning to migrate all of their databases from a SQL Server to an Enterprise SQL Server. Such an extensive migration will allow them to upgrade connected applications to use SQL 2012.

By experiencing the benefits of the Kubisys Platform through an initial use case involving their most critical piece of software, MVT’s eyes were opened to the many possibilities of what our Platform could help them accomplish in the future. To learn how we might be able to similarly help your company with database maintenance or SQL migrations, contact us at

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