A national direct marketing company with revenues in excess of $1 billion recently chose to upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics 2009 to Microsoft Dynamics AX2012. When faced with such a critical upgrade, this company turned to Kubisys to ease their transition and increase their developers’ productivity. In the process, they also saved a notable amount of time, resources, and money.


The Challenge of Upgrading to Dynamics AX2012

Even with a number of IT resources and personnel readily available within this direct marketing company of 2500 employees to complete the upgrade, this company faced a problem endemic to all companies reliant upon business software: a lack of IT resources.

Before adopting the Kubisys Platform they spent approximately 80 hours per month recreating test environments (four changes per month at roughly 20 hours per change). Conducting code merges and bug fixes required at least six different test environments. Installing new AX software needed more separate environments. Furthermore, applying an AX Template for Hyper-V and installing a clone would have required system preparation of the virtual machine (VM) environment, as well as significant customization to ensure workability.

All told, this direct marketing company faced an uphill battle against the time, effort, and resources that would have been required of them in order to seamlessly upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX2012.

The Time-Savings of Kubisys

This direct marketing company turned to us to smartly and efficiently assist in their upgrade. By using the Kubisys Platform, this company captured test environments as-needed, which helped them avoid typical one-week delays. What previously required days to build now only took 30–50 minutes. Additionally, these quickly built test environments were production-accurate, not “close enough to accurate,” as their previous test environments had been.

With Kubisys, this company shaved seven months off of the time needed to complete their upgrade to Dynamics AX2012, a 60 percent time savings. They avoided 320 hours of combined developer and QA time, eliminated 80 hours per month in provisioning environments, and saved 200 hours per month in code changes. With such a timely and efficient tool as Kubisys, this company experienced a threefold increase in code updates within an agile development environment, increasing their updates from 48 per year to 120 per year.


The Resource-Savings of Kubisys

As the time needed to create these test environments significantly lessened from their former drawn-out lengths, so too did the amount of required IT resources notably drop. Six different build environments and 30 developer-workstation VMs were maintained so that concurrent testing could happen, increasing their development team’s efficiency and productivity by 150 percent. Furthermore, each build in the project had its own Kubisys test environment.

Additionally, third-party add-on integrations like Customer Service, Sales, Tax, and Pricing Solutions, were able to be tested. A “Gold Standard” development code base was also provided to consultants for functional testing, and bug reporting was provided to MCS developers.


The Cost-Savings of Kubisys

Through the time- and resource-savings provided by Kubisys, this direct marketing company saved a remarkable amount of money. Because we offered their developers an avenue toward better productivity in the most reliable test environment, this company saved $1.8 million, or the equivalent of 12 full-time employees. By avoiding approximately 200 hours per month in code maintenance, they saved roughly $125,000 per month. They also saved a one-time Capital Expense (CapEx) of $120,000 and a Total Operating Expense (OpEx) of $2.05 million.


The Ultimate Outcome

CIOs value the cost-savings of Kubisys, IT Managers appreciate the resource-savings of Kubisys, and developers love the time-savings of Kubisys. For us, when all parties involved in the major upgrade of a systems-critical piece of software are pleased with the ultimate outcome, we consider that a win-win situation for all involved. To learn how we can help move you toward a similar win, contact us today at info@kubisys.com.

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