It was the best of firms. It was the worst of headaches.

One prominent global law firm with over 1000 employees had such high-profile casework that considering an upgrade to their critical software seemed too large a risk to their day-to-day operations. Another multinational law firm with more than 500 employees needed to synchronize development with staging and improve collaboration between development and operations.

As happens, these firms were victims of their own success. In helping their clients and garnering more clients in the process, they suffered from the need for more development on a faster timeline with precise accuracy using available resources. But both firms ran into persistent problems involving configuration drift, where test environments made on one day fail to accurately represent production as more days pass.

Though each firm needed to test different applications, integrations, and migrations (Oracle, SQL Servers, SharePoint, etc.), their essential problem remained the same: how could they spin up on-demand test environments that were exact replications of production so that configuration drift would cease to exist?


How Kubisys Helps Law Firms

To cure their consistent headaches, these law firms asked Kubisys for relief. Through our unique test platform that precisely emulates a firm’s real-world production environment, Kubisys empowers developers to build and deploy applications with a much greater confidence than they had before.

Specifically, development teams at these firms utilized the Kubisys Platform to conduct tests on integrating Adobe ColdFusion into SharePoint and upgrading Active Directory. Because of the successful deployment of those particular projects, these firms proceeded to use Kubisys to create many different test environments for Windows-based systems like Interaction, West Knowledge Management (km), and Oracle. In other words, the Kubisys Platform doesn’t just help with one application; it provides a reliable foundation for testing multiple business-critical applications and software environments.

Furthermore, our Platform allows developers to create environments within hours rather than days. And because our test Platform reveals problems before they’re discovered on production, law firms using Kubisys suffer much less downtime—if any—due to software problems.


With the help of the Kubisys Platform, the global law firm

  • Eliminated configuration drift as development environments were now able to be synchronized.
  • Implemented DevOps (Agile) methodologies for more frequent and comprehensive releases without affecting production.
  • Enhanced trust within the SharePoint development team.

    Through Kubisys, the other multinational law firm

  • Eliminated the need for weekend and off-hours maintenance, patching and upgrades, as these changes could be quickly and accurately tested during business hours without affecting live servers.
  • Decreased scheduled maintenance from two hours to 15 minutes.
  • Increased developer confidence in accurately deploying applications.

    In many ways, the Kubisys Platform revolutionized these law firms’ development processes, and we’re certain we can do the same for law firms worldwide. To learn more about how Kubisys serves the legal industry, watch this webinar created specifically for lawyers: The Power to Create the Most Accurate and Complete Environments.

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