In the legal field, acceptable risk is part of the profession. But such a phrase should not exist when describing your firm’s IT needs. The Kubisys Platform can help you eradicate unnecessary risk from your software updates, changes, migrations and integrations.

How so?

The best way to learn about our Platform is to witness it in person and speak to us about your particular needs at this year’s ILTACON in Las Vegas Aug. 30 – Sept. 3. Throughout the event, visit us at Booth #731 and register for a chance to win an Amex gift card.

Even better, attend our demo at 9 a.m. on both Sept. 1st and 2nd in Forum Ballroom 17 (Pool Level) entitled “How Firms are Rolling Out Software Upgrades Risk-Free and Testing Smarter.”

During that demo, you’ll learn how many of the Am Law 100 are safely deploying software changes by utilizing the Kubisys Platform. This is a can’t-miss event, especially if you’re involved in testing application development, patches, migrations, upgrades or improving your firm’s overall operations.

We have a deep understanding of the particular problems law firms and legal departments face in regard to keeping their tech running smoothly:

  • Developing and maintaining accurate test and staging environments can be costly and often presents numerous technical challenges.
  • Safe software deployments such as changes and upgrades are important—but sometimes not implemented due to a wide variety of reasons (lack of time, resources, personnel, etc.).
  • Provisioning development sandboxes, testing/QA and staging environments for SharePoint can be a daunting challenge.
  • Downtime isn’t acceptable.

As a hardware and software solution that creates on-demand test environments for Windows applications, the Kubisys Platform accelerates deployment of software changes while keeping production safe. In many ways, our Platform solves problems you may have simply endured simply because you didn’t know a better method existed.

The Kubisys Platform can help you create production-accurate test environments on demand for legal-specific Windows applications including:

  • Microsoft: SharePoint, Active Directory, SQL
  • DMS Systems: HP WorkSite, Open Text
  • Ethical Wall Management: Wall Builder (Intapp)
  • Marketing: ANSOR Experience System
  • KM Systems: West km, Lexis Search Advantage
  • Accounting Systems: Elite Enterprise, 3E, and Aderant
  • Lexis Total Search, Recommind

Kubisys test environments are production-accurate replicas of all physical and virtual servers, network settings, database and infrastructure components. These isolated environments allow users to test, patch, upgrade, or integrate software without disrupting business operations

With the Kubisys Platform on your team, you can rest assured in your deployments and let the lawyers worry about acceptable risk.

To learn more, visit or talk to us in person at ILTACON 2015.

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