Ensuring that SharePoint upgrades, patches and integrations work as planned is essential to maintaining your company’s smooth workflow. When SharePoint fails, work grinds to a halt, resulting in lost revenue, the need for costly overtime work and frustrated employees.

That’s why it’s imperative to have full confidence in your SharePoint test environment.

Three Drawbacks to Traditional SharePoint Test Environments

The best test environments attempt to achieve as much parity with production as possible. For traditional test methods in the software development lifecycle, this means replicating as much of the production environment as accurately as possible.

However, three issues tend to arise with this long­-held practice:

1. Because a majority of traditional testing methods can’t replicate entire systems (including live server data), the accuracy of such test environments is called into question.

Time and again, developers are often forced to test, then “wait and see” whether errors occur when their changes are deployed on production. When a system needs to be persistently accessible like SharePoint, this kind of approach is dangerous at best.

2. The time, money, and effort required to build and maintain these environments proves less cost ­effective over time.

In other words, because of the expense that some companies put into test environment creation and maintenance, they choose to limit how many test environments are allowed to be created in a year, which subsequently causes the accuracy of these test environments to plummet as the time between builds progresses.

Such companies may save money in the short run, but the environments they’ve created will quickly go out-of-date and suffer from configuration drift, effectively negating the time and effort spent in making the test environments in the first place. Because of that, some IT departments forgo creating test environments altogether and run the very high risk of introducing costly errors into their production systems.

3. Replicating entire systems—and especially complex, interconnected systems like SharePoint—requires specialized skills and IT resources that crosses many silos.

Sometimes this results in the need to purchase more virtual machine licenses or hiring extra development help. Plus, test environment accuracy may decrease as more VMs are created during different development phases and for various IT staff. Who’s to know which VM is the “right” VM to use for testing? Even worse, VM sprawl is costly and time-consuming, especially when there’s a better way to create and maintain a SharePoint test environment.

The Kubisys Platform Provides SharePoint Developers the Accuracy They Need

Because our Platform takes accurate snapshots of SharePoint systems, you can rest assured that full parity will exist between your test environment and your SharePoint production server.

Furthermore, because the Kubisys Platform allows you to use a copy of live server data (DNS and MAC addresses, as well as URLs), you can be confident that all tests or further development being done within the test environment will precisely reveal what will occur when those changes are deployed on your production server. No longer does a developer, operations team member or QA tester have to “wait and see” because they will have already witnessed exactly what will happen when their changes are deployed.

The Kubisys Platform also allows for quick builds—in hours instead of days—which further ensures that your SharePoint test environment accurately reflects your production system. There’s no room for doubt as to whether or not your test environment reflects your newest and most recently configured SharePoint installation.

Lastly, because every IT employee who may need access to a SharePoint test environment can spin up their own customized environments from a golden master copy of production within the Kubisys Platform, you can rest assured that every user is using the “right” test environment. Even better, the Kubisys Platform precludes the need to purchase more licenses or hire more staff.

Put the Kubisys Platform to the Test

If you’re like many of our prospective clients and believe the accuracy claims of our Platform sound too good to be true, put us to the test. Together, we’ll establish a prime proof-­of­-concept use case that will show you the many benefits of using the Kubisys Platform for SharePoint development and your other Windows-based application test environment needs.

Schedule a demo or learn more via info@kubisys.com.

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