Great Southern Bank (GSB) epitomizes the typical Kubisys customer. They’re forward-thinking, driven, innovative, and experiencing the kinds of growing pains most companies would be thrilled to have.

Founded almost a century ago with just $5,000, GSB has since grown to hold more than $4 billion in total assets by serving 168,000 households across eight southern states. When most banks feared closing in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, GSB expanded through acquiring multiple banks. In fact, it was Great Southern Bank’s ability to lean into the future that led them to Kubisys.

In 2015, Sam Webster, GSB’s resident software engineer, was given the monumental task of finding a better solution for their software release management schedule. Their former processes couldn’t adapt or scale to their current needs as a much larger bank. Webster was also insistent on enhancing customer security—an ongoing necessity in the heavily regulated banking industry.

So he did what any good software engineer does: he googled “creating a test environment” and clicked on “The Better Way to Create Test Environments.” Through further research, Webster realized that he and his team needed to adopt agile development methodologies in order to keep up with the pace of change now required of their business. But in reading more about DevOps, Webster feared that creating test environments would be both a time-consuming bottleneck and a costly solution.

A short time and a long discussion later, Webster witnessed a Kubisys proof-of-concept demonstration for GSB’s massive and complex SharePoint implementation. The Kubisys test environment captured four front-end SharePoint servers, three SharePoint application servers, and two SharePoint SQL servers. Webster saw that SharePoint updates could be accurately and quickly released on to production after being tested and validated within the Kubisys Platform. He experienced the relief of knowing that their production servers wouldn’t suffer from downtime due to unforeseen errors. He also realized that, unlike other test environment solutions, the Kubisys Platform could remove the typical bottlenecks associated with agile development, and cost-effectively too.

Since then, Webster plans to keep using the Kubisys Platform for much more than just testing their SharePoint updates and patches:

“At the time, Great Southern Bank was acquiring a number of companies and I foresaw an issue with integrating them into our existing systems. I realized that creating production-accurate test environments would become an issue, so I took a proactive approach. I searched for solutions and discovered Kubisys. The company’s website and videos were very informative and it was the exact solution that we needed. Within a few weeks, we tested out the Kubisys Platform and were pleased with the results. We were able to replicate our complex SharePoint environment as well as Exchange system. Since then, we have expanded to test all of our third-party applications. Kubisys has become an integral part of our QA and testing process. We would recommend the solution to any company that has the same need.”

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